G50Config1 After selecting your Company, the second tab of the options or configuration screen shows the system settings.

Here you can change the look of the Link Window, setup a multi-company installation, and register your version of Gold 50.

















G50Config2 The User Settings Tab

Add new users to the system, or edit login details, access rights and user functionality options.


















G50Config3 The Module Settings Tab

View or Edit settings for each module (ie Sage 50, GoldMine or Quotewerks).


















G50Config4 The Data Mappings Tab

This is where you specify your data mappings for each of the fields in GoldMine, Sage or Quotewerks. Each set of mappings has a defined pairing, which lists the fields that are mapped. Field mappings can be added, modified or deleted.

















G50Config5 The Business Rules Tab

When new customers or suppliers are created, the account reference is deduced using business rules.

This where you define these rules such as ignoring certain characters, and defining the style of the prefix and suffix.