G50NewCust1 Creating a new customer in Sage 50 is easy.

Simply click on the New Customer icon, and the New Customer Wizard will appear.

Gold 50 will use the contact information in GoldMine to create the new customer in Sage 50.

All you need to do is follow the simple guidelines and click next.













G50NewCust2 Based on pre-defined business rules, Gold 50 will provide you with a new customer reference.

This reference is usually based on the name of the customer you wish to create, followed by a number.

Gold 50 makes sure that the reference is unique, should the alphabetical prefix already exist for another customer.

You have the option to change the customer reference if you wish, but this is very rarely necessary.












G50NewCust3 Gold 50 displays confirmation of the new customer details.

The contact details in GoldMine are used to show the data used to create the customer in Sage 50.

Any of the contact details can be amended should this be required at this stage.

You also have he option to copy the main contact address details to the delivery address details in Sage 50. This saves having to enter this information again.

Click next to see the final wizard screen.










G50NewCust4 That is it! Click finish to complete the process.

You will receive a message to say the customer has successfully been created in Sage 50.